American Candies in San Antonio, TX

The section in red (below) will give you a better sense of our sweets and treats. We’ve hand-selected much of our inventory and provide a shopping experience quite unlike any other. In fact, we produce a large portion of our selection right here at the shop! From Chamoy pickles, American candies, Picositas candy, Chinese candies, and more, we have it all. You’re not going to find these confectionery delights anywhere else. 
Chinese Candies San Antonio, TX
  • Picositas Candy Belts
  • Picositas Belts in Chamoy
  • Chinese Candy – Lemon, Chili & Pickle
  • Sour Balls – Lemon, Chili & Pickle
  • Pecan Chewies, Pralines & Leche Quemada
  • Chilito Straws
  • Tiritas Picositas
  • Mango Fruta en Chilito
  • Coco Banderas
  • Tamarindo Candies
  • Gummy Worms & Bears in Chamoy
  • Piñatas
  • Vending Machine Gumballs & Assorted Candies
  • Snow Cone Syrup
  • And Much More!

Order Some Mexican, American, or Chinese Candies Today!

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